Fire Restoration Services

Smoke Damage

You do not need to have a major fire to have smoke damage. We have seen smoke damage from heat alone. Whether in a kitchen, above your fireplace, or to the outside of your home and business, we are a professional team equipped to restore your property.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire can be one of the most devastating types of damage to your home, whether it’s from a forest fire, electrical fire, or by some other means. Memories are destroyed that you can never get back, and items in your home or office are ruined or gone forever. However, the good news is that with fire restoration services by EzDry Water Mitigation & Property Restoration in Oakland County, we can get you back to livable condition within no time. Below, we’ll go over what a typical fire damage restoration process looks like. Contact us today to learn more!



After the immediacy of the fire has been dealt with and the fire department deems it safe to re-enter your home again, you should call a fire restoration company such as EzDry Water Mitigation & Property Restoration as soon as possible. The first thing we will do is come out and assess the damage to your home or office space. This assessment entails a full scale evaluation of what can be saved in your home or office and what cannot be saved. We also assess the damage smoke has done, as well as soot or heat damage. A professional fire restoration company will document all of the damage for insurance purposes.

Make sure, however, before you hire a company that they are legitimate. Fire chasers are people who prey on victims of fire by swooping in and taking advantage of you when you are vulnerable. They often undercut the competition and then do a very shoddy cleanup job, and before you can protest, they skip town, never to be seen again. Check insurances and credentials before hiring a fire restoration company.

Securing Your Home

Next, the fire restoration company will ensure your home is protected from further damage by plugging any holes and shoring up any weakened structures. EzDry Water Mitigation & Property Restoration in Oakland County also recommends removing all of your belongings, especially furniture, as soon as possible after the fire so no smoke smell seeps in. It is imperative that this part of the fire restoration process is done quickly before a big rain hits and causes water damage to your home from heavy rains leaking into your home.

Clean Up

Smoke and soot are notoriously hard to remove from your home. Smoke damage cleanup will require a deep scrub, sanding, and refinishing in order to get rid of the smoke smell. Most likely water damage restoration will also be needed from the water used to put out the fire. In this case, your professional water restoration company, such as EzDry Water Mitigation & Property Restoration in Oakland County, will pump and air out your home, as well as sanitize everything. This is a priority as well to prevent mold from taking root. Removing odors from the carpet and upholstery will require smoke smell removal services.

Repair Work

Repair work after a fire can be an extremely difficult process, depending on the materials that need to be repaired. If you are repairing priceless family heirlooms and furniture, the process can be delicate indeed and care must be taken at all times. Wood that is finished has a better success rate of full fire damage restoration, but that is not guaranteed. Restoring wood and heirlooms is best left to the fire and water restoration experts.


If the damage to your home or area of your home is extensive, a renovation might be a better value and cheaper overall, not to mention something that will add value to your home in the long run.


EzDry Water Mitigation & Property Restoration in Oakland County offers the best fire and water restoration, as well as smoke damage cleanup. Call us today for Rapid Restoration help!