Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

One of the hardest things to do in today’s world is keep up with every one of life’s responsibilities. We are inundated with information from all directions. You can not be an expert in everything, but you can manage all your responsibilities if you rely on the right experts and professionals. At EzDry, we are not just experts in water mitigation and property restoration, we are also experts at interpreting insurance policies.

Most people have an insurance agent write a home insurance policy but do not understand what is truly covered. A water loss can occur from many different sources. The most common ways water can wreak havoc on your home are: appliance malfunction, roof leak, sump pump backup, drain backup, or intrusion from a door wall or foundation crack.

You do not need flood insurance to be covered for all of the water losses listed above. However, your coverage could be limited depending on the type of water loss you experience. Understanding your coverage is key PRIOR to a loss occurrence. If you would like to learn more on what is covered and what is not, please stay tuned for our future articles.

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